The in the Division of the Humanities at Lafayette are devoted to excellence in teaching informed by their research in the areas of art, language, literature, music, philosophy, and religion.

Their books, articles, artworks and performances contribute to some of the most central debates concerning human culture and moral life, while enriching student experiences both in and outside the classroom.

The Division of the Humanities comprises six departments — art, English, foreign languages & literatures, music, philosophy and religious studies — offering a total of 10 majors. Additionally, faculty collaborate in interdisciplinary centers and programs supporting student research interests combining the best of our programs offered by the divisions of social sciences, the natural sciences, and engineering — including Africana studies, American studies, Asian studies, government & law and foreign language, neuroscience, religious studies, and Russian & East European Studies.

We are a diverse community of scholars with passionate commitments to intellectual engagement in the classroom, in collaborative research with our students, and in the many events that bring invited speakers to campus throughout the year. Whether you are a prospective student considering Lafayette for its outstanding programs in the liberal arts, an alumnus or alumna seeking an impression of our current activities, or simply a visitor interested in learning more about Lafayette, we welcome you to our community through this website.